Bangor Anti-Drug Event Gains Teen Feedback About Addiction, Education at Maine Drug Rehab Centers

Students from over 30 local high schools recently gathered at the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor for an event called “One Life Project: Youth Voice.” The event, which was sponsored by local agencies including the U.S. Attorney’s Office for Maine and the Bangor Daily News, was held to gather the thoughts and opinions of youth on the topic of substance abuse and addiction. The students wrote down 37 pages worth of thoughts and suggestions that can help parents, adults, and Maine drug rehab centers prevent and improve the state’s current drug epidemic.

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Suggestions From Students About Addiction Prevention

Anti-Drug Event

Teens at the anti-drug event said adults need to be more approachable when it comes to drug abuse.

Based on the feedback collected at the One Life Project event, Maine students want increased access to adults at school who will listen to their thoughts without passing judgement. Many students revealed that they turn to drugs to cope with pain, stress, and living in a rural small town with access to few activities that keep them entertained. Students also said that dramatized anti-drug messages fail to resonate with today’s teen audiences, and that they want more education on how to overcome life problems using healthy methods that eliminate the need for drug use.

Most students said they turn to supportive friends at times of need since most of their parents tend to discipline first without listening. But unfortunately, most friends don’t know how to handle certain situations themselves, and are unable to offer healthy suggestions or advice. Adults can help by making themselves more approachable, and by listening fully without cutting students off with harsh disciplinary comments.

Another major topic addressed at the event was the need for more leisure activities in schools and in local communities. Students expressed that they turn to drugs at times of boredom and depression, and need more outlets than just sports. Students want more access to activities such as cooking class, theater, and dancing that satisfy diverse interests.

Drug Addiction Education and Treatment

Maine students said they would gain a better understanding of substance abuse if they heard personal stories from real people who had experience dealing with addiction. For instance, hearing stories from counselors and doctors about overdose victims could help familiarize teens with the consequences of addiction. Students also mentioned that bringing in recovering addicts to speak about their personal experiences would also be useful at helping them grasp the dangers associated with addiction.

Addiction education is a common prevention treatment offered at drug rehab centers. Those who struggle with substance abuse and go to rehab benefit from detoxification and counseling, followed by ongoing education courses offered in an outpatient environment. These education courses help addicts learn how to stay clean, avoid relapse, and go about handling life’s challenges in healthier ways that don’t involve substance abuse.

If you are a teen who struggles with substance abuse, understand that many local rehab centers offer unique addiction treatments designed to help teens overcome addiction. To learn more about Maine drug rehab centers that offer teen and youth addiction services, call our 24/7 confidential helpline at 207-420-8981.

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