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Letting Go of Negative Emotion in Meth Addiction Treatment

People who struggle with a meth addiction have a difficult time regulating their emotions. They experience problems managing anger and wrestle with expressing it in appropriate ways. Unfortunately, growing anger can push meth users to relapse, as they turn to drugs in order to mask emotions they cannot adequately cope with. This becomes an endless …

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Winthrop Opioid Addiction Forum Led By Speakers From Law Enforcement, Maine Rehab Centers

An opioid addiction forum was recently held at Winthrop High School to discuss the opioid epidemic affecting local Maine communities. The event featured speakers from several different agencies invested in improving opioid abuse rates, including law enforcement, hospitals, and Maine rehab centers that offer addiction treatment. The purpose of the forum was to encourage agencies …

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Bangor Anti-Drug Event Gains Teen Feedback About Addiction, Education at Maine Drug Rehab Centers

Students from over 30 local high schools recently gathered at the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor for an event called “One Life Project: Youth Voice.” The event, which was sponsored by local agencies including the U.S. Attorney’s Office for Maine and the Bangor Daily News, was held to gather the thoughts and opinions of youth …

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How Drug Rehab Centers in Maine Can Help Sexual Assault Victims Overcome Addiction

Research shows that sexual assault victims are between three and 10 times more likely to use marijuana, cocaine, and other drugs than those who aren’t assaulted, according to the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network. Additionally, women who are sexually assaulted as children are three times more likely to suffer from substance abuse and addiction …

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Rehab Centers in Maine and Local Doctor Treat Uninsured for Addiction

A Maine doctor recently announced on Facebook that she will treat individuals for drug addiction regardless of whether or not they have health insurance. Merideth Norris, who specializes in addiction treatment, is invested in helping the state combat its current heroin epidemic, and will offer treatment to those who lack insurance. In addition to Norris, …

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